PBB 2018 Update as of March 30, 2020

PBB 2018 update from Action for Solidarity and the Empowerment of Teachers.

Here is the full message of Shiela Lim Manuel:

Action for Solidarity and the Empowerment of Teachers (ASSERT) PBB 2018 UPDATES

Although we are eligible to receive PBB 2018, still there are 8 more regions who are not yet validated and NCR is one of them!

➡️ ROs II, III, IV-A & B, V, VII, VIII, XI, XII : School RPMS was submitted by DepEd to the AO25 IATF on February 17, 2020. Presently these are being reviewed by DBM.

➡️ ROs CAR, CARAGA, VI : DepED Central Office has not yet submitted the RPMS of schools from these regions.

➡️ ROs I, IX, X, NCR : RPMS are still for review of DepEd Central Office.

PBB Secretariat

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