Requiring Teachers To Report After December 15 Must Have Corresponding Service Credit

All teachers are entitled to have their vacation after December 15, 2019, based on D.O. No.7, 2019 School Calendar SY 2019-2020. However, in the exigency of public service, teachers may be required to report and render services from December 16, 2019, which shall be compensated with the equivalent vacation service credits, as per DO No. 35, s. 2003.

Prior to this requirement of reporting to school, the School Head must have:
(1) Requested to the SDS that the teachers will be reporting any days from December 16 to 22;
(2) It must have a solid justification for such request and
(3) The request must be APPROVED first by the SDS.

If any of the aforementioned requirement(s) is not accomplished, teachers must not be forced to report at all.

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