Raffy Tulfo admits his mistake and reconsiders his decision about Maam Melita Limjuco

Last November 18, 2019, an episode of wanted radio about a grandmother and parents who wanted to punish a certain teacher who disciplined their child became viral. This video can be seen on youtube and earned different reactions from the netizens. A lot of people did not like the verdict of Mr. Raffy Tulfo who wanted that the teacher will resign from her work and worse than that is her licensed will be revoked. This decision earned negative reactions on the side of Mr. Tulfo and to the parents. This decision is quite harsh and it doesn’t fit the action that the teacher had shown. As a matter of fact, a campaign was being circulated online to unsubscribe Raffy Tulfo In Action youtube account and to dislike the said video.

To answer the rage of the netizens, a part 2 of the said issue was being uploaded in Raffy Tulfo in Action youtube account today (November 22, 2019). This time, Mr. Tulfo wanted to listen to the voices of the netizens and to reconsider his decision about the teacher. Mr. Tulfo admitted his mistake and he realized that revoking the license of the teacher and making the teacher resigned from her job is too much. Nevertheless, Mr. Tulfo said that the teacher should still be sanctioned in the form of sending her to seminars/training about how to handle misbehavior of students.

Watch part 2 of the said issue below:

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  1. I'm a teacher too and I'm so sad for the decision of sir Raffy Turfo in the first video. Now, I'm happy for reconsidering on the part of a teacher. All I can say to the program of sir Raffy is Be fair to both parties. God bless us all....

  2. The fact that you almost immediately brought the matter to Mr. Tulfo then you should have readied yourself to receive all sorts of comments from netizens. You complained because your child's feeling was hurt because of what the teacher did? that he was traumatized? So now with what's happening on the internet...gumaan ba pakiramdam ng anak mo? nagamot ba ung sinasabi mong "trauma"?