Free school supplies, uniforms, and shoes to all Elementary Public School in Cebu City

The Cebu City Council will provide free school supplies, uniforms and shoes to Elementary Public School in Cebu City this 2020. Before this, the City Council passed an ordinance providing annual school supplies and uniforms to all elementary school pupils. 

The ordinance was signed on November 26, 2019 (Tuesday) by Mayor Edgardo Labella with Vice Mayor, Counselors and the proponents of the ordinance.

He said, "500 million would be allotted in this ordinance that has been included in the 2020 annual budget that had yet to be approved by the Council. 350 million will be allocated for the school supplies, uniforms and shoes and 150 million will fund the feeding program for the schoolchildren."

There are a lot of Elementary pupils in Cebu who stop going to school because their parents can't afford to sustain their education.

With this help from the local government, there is no more reason for parents not to send their children to school because the supplies and uniforms will be provided by the city government. 

“There are more or less 190,000 public school students, and it is high time that we give them school supplies and even uniforms,” said Labella.

June 2020 will be the start of the distribution of the said free school supplies, uniforms and shoes to the pupils.

And also Good News for the teachers of Cebu City. They will receive 10,000 pesos cash gifts this Christmas.

The budget will be taken from the Supplemental Budget No. 3 amounting to P118 million to be approved by the City Council.

“This is our way of bringing the government closer to the people, to our respective constituents to our respective barangays,” Labella said

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