PNPA Instituted Measures for a Safe Training to New Cadets Amidst Increasing Temperature

CAMP GEN MARIANO N CASTAÑEDA. The Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) reassures the family and friends of new cadets undergoing New Cadet Summer Training Program of their Safe and Secured training transformation after the recent demise of one of the new cadets undergoing the summer training program.

The current extreme climate condition in the Philippines, El Niño for one, is already felt due to the warming of sea surface waters couple with trade winds according to PAGASA which is a key contributory factor of a more challenging summer training of the new cadets. Thus, additional measures in the daily activities of squad leaders is the “weather forecasting” to monitor area temperature and humidity and make appropriate time adjustments in the programmed activities. Further, more intake of fluids from 14 glasses up to 18 glasses a day is mandatory with oral rehydration salts in interval.

On the other hand, PBGEN JOSE CHIQUITO M MALAYO, Director of PNPA, reemphasize to Tactical Officers and Squad Leaders of these new cadets their responsibilities as mentors and at the same time elderly brothers who shall tolerantly understand that the new cadets need ample time to adapt especially with the physical demands as the training progresses. A more personalize mentoring of squad leaders is necessary; using elder-brother approach where squad leaders are more conscious on the status of their squad-mates and must be quick in observing early signs of health issues.

The forty-five (45) Training Package Standard set for these new cadets will be maintained and only measures like “more fluid intake” and “weather forecasting” will be instituted to alleviate the impact of uncontrolled factors such as the El Niño phenomenon.
Source: pnpa
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