Test on Verbal Abilities Part 4


Direction: Select the meaning of the underline part of each sentence from the choices given:

1. “She is a vision of feminine pulchritude” stands for
1.   Aggressiveness
2.   Homebuddy
3.   Simplicity
4.   Beauty and poise
5.   Talent

ANS: 4
2.”  I value a man for the size of his heart  can be interpreted as
1.   Size of his heart determines the length of life
2.   Man’s kindness is most important
3.   Man will perish without a big heart
4.   Man’s love is measured by the size of his heart

ANS: 2

3.  Veronica  was excused because all she said were white lies.
1.   The lies were really harmless
2.   She recited the lies in public
3.   The lies recited were excusable
4.   The lies were written to be read by all
5.   Telling a lie is deplorable

ANS: 3

4.  President Quezon said  I prefer a government ran like hell by Filipinos rather than one ran by foreigners.” This means that.
1.   Though difficult, Filipinos are preferred to lead
2.   Foreign leaders are governing
3.   Filipinos are incapable of administrating their own affairs
4.   Leadership can only be provided by foreigners
5.   Filipinos can never lead their own government

ANS: 1

5.   George Shaw said, “You that are and you  ask why. But I dream things that never were and ask why not” Such line speaks of
1.   Clever thinking
2.   Immortality
3.   Curiosity
4.   Rich imagination
5.   Differences in outlook

ANS: 4

6.  Mrs. Gonzales is as good as her last triumph.
1.   Cannot be good all times throughout
2.   Cannot be bad
3.   As nice as ever
4.   Sustainably superb
5.   Finally settled
7.  After all has been said, the issue was a tempest in a teapot.
1.   Temperature dropped
2.   Heated down argument followed
3.   Simmered down
4.   Boiled down to nothing
5.   Finally settled

ANS: 4

8.  Fast accomplishment can lull the official to complacency.
1.   Remain inactively satisfied
2.   Sleepy
3.   Tired
4.   Bored
5.   Put on service

ANS: 1

9. Jose does not need new car, but he trade his old one to keep up with the joneses.
1.   To imitate others in extravange
2.   To be envious
3.   To be responsible
4.   To please others
5.   Independent

ANS: 1

10. She wishes to meet somebody who is off the beaten track.
1.   Unbelievable
2.   Generous
3.   At the lowest level
4.   Unconventional
5.   Forceful

ANS: 4
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