Guide for Renewing a TESDA National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (COC)

Step 1: Visit the TESDA District or Provincial Issuing Office were you got the present certificate (NC/COC) and apply for renewal.

Step 2: Bring all the following documentary requirements so you can save time, money and efforts.
  • Duly Accomplished Application Form
  • Original NC/COC
  • Three (3) pieces passport size ID picture with plain white background. Wear a shirt with collar when photograph.
  • Certificate of Employment - this is the evidence that you use the skills you've learned in TESDA.
  • Request Letter - Explain the reason why you want to renew your NC/COC.
Step 5: Submit the docements above and pay the Renewal Fee at the Assessment Center Cashier. Don't forget to get the Official Receipt.

Step 6: National Certificate can be claimed on the scheduled date given by the issuing office of TESDA.

Note: National Certificate or Certificate of Competency will be given directly to the applicant. However, if a representative will claim the said documents, a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) by the applicant should be submitted.

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