English Grammar and Correct Usage Part 2

Direction: The sentences below contain errors in idioms, grammar, word choice. English Usage, etc. You are to detect such error by writing the letters of the part of the sentence where the mistake is found.
1. Take note of the immediate effect this drug has on the behavior of the hamsters in the cage.    
      A                                         B    C                                 D                                                              
No error.

Ans: B – EFFECT 

2. Do not be irritated by his bad manners. He is merely trying to attract attention. No error.
                       A        B                 C                     D                                                 E

Ans: E

3. This scholarship should be awarded to whomever best meets the requirements. No error.
                             A                         B          C                D                                   E


4. I fail to understand why you are seeking my council after you ignored my advice last week. 
                     A                                                 B                       C                 D
 No error.

Ans: B – Counsel  

5. Our’s is a critical period; we are confronted with grave problems which must be solved if 
       A                                              B                     C                                                                          
we are to avert a tragedy. No error.
       D                                    E

Ans: A – OUR 

6. More than sixty percent of this project still has to be completed. I am afraid that we shall                                               A                                     B                                C                                    
have to work overtime tonight. No error.
                      D                             E     

Ans: E  

7. Alfredo usually eats a quick lunch, regardless of whether what he eats is healthy or not.       
                                       A                        B                         C                      D
No error.


8. If I were you, I would never permit them to take part in such an exhausting activity. 
            A                                             B          C                                 D                               
No error.

Ans: E

9. The reason for my long absence from class was because I was sick for almost three 
              A                 B                                  C        D                          
weeks. No error.

Ans: D – THAT 

10. I will always remember you standing by me and offering me pieces of advice and 
         A       B                      C        D
encouragements. No error.

Ans: C – YOUR 

11. Although I am playing golf for more than 4 years now, I cannot manage to break 90.
          A                B                              C                                                     D       
 No error.


12. Between twenty and thirty students are willing to volunteer, the rest are not planning to 
                                A                              B                                C                        D
participate in the activity. No error.

Ans: E

13. He is not the kind of a person who accepts such a challenge negatively, he is certain to 
                                 A                                                               B           C                                                            
seek competition. No error.
  D                           E


14. Although Jake is in this country for only two years, he talks like he has live here for 10 
        A                 B                           C                                    D                                  

years. No errors.


15. Even if you go shopping late, will you please bring this note to the store’s manager? 
          A                               B                           C       D                                                               
No error.

Ans : C – TAKE 

16. We were already to leave for the educational trip to Laguna when the bus broke down. We
                      A               B                                                                           
 were forced to postpone the trip. No error.
             C                       D              E


17. He is the writer whom I believe is most likely to receive the honor. No error.
           A                   B                         C                    D                        E   

Ans: B – WHO        

18. No one but he knew which questions were going to be given on the Grand Finals of the 
                  A   B             C                           D
National Quiz Bee Competition. No error.
Ans: B – HIM 

19. Neither Edgardo nor Vincent handed in their courtesy resignation arising from the 
          A                                       B           C                                     D
anomalies in the organization. No error.

Ans: C – HIS

20. Was it they who were involved in the recent violent dispersal of the rallies at the 
       A    B    C                                                    D 
Government  Center? No error.

Ans: E
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